Endless run could be a boring kind of game if you don’t balance different aspects during the game design process. Dead Ahead won that challenge.
Dead Ahead is all about killing lots of zombies while keeping your eyes on the road.
As long as you get deep in to the game, you’ll appreciate various aspects of the gameplay, some objectives ask for your ability to aim while driving, others want your driving skills at the top, sometimes you must perform huge combos to get credits.

The in-app purchase system is smart, you can invest your credits in what you prefer: weapons, scenarios, pimped vehicles and special skills. It was made to earn money, it’s not exactly balanced to give you tons of weapons for free, but i found it good enough to engage me during the last three days without spending a coin.

I love this kind of aesthetics, 80′s music and yellow/grey palette remind me the golden age of the beat’em up genre.

[DOWNLOAD] Dead Ahead is free and is available for iPhone and iPad 



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